Fishing in the Marine Park is not forbidden but regulated in order to protect the ressource and contribute to the reproduction of species.

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Any fishing is forbidden in the highly protected area, in red on the map.
Fishing Conch is prohibited to recreational fishermen, at any time, anywhere (even outside the Reserve). The traps and nets are prohibited for boaters at any time, any place.
Fishing lobster or other shellfish is prohibited in the Marine Park, as well as collecting shells and coral, living or dead.
Spearfishing is forbidden in the Marine Park. Fish and lobster pots are forbidden in the Marine Park. Anchoring is prohibited (anchor, hook, anchor, anchor, buoys, one end attached to rock) You do not have the right to take more than 3 fish per person per trip. This limitation concerns thef ollowing species: wahoo, tuna, dorado, breams, colas, swordfish, marlin and sailfish.

Line fishing is allow from shore and from a boat, but only while drifting. This law prevents from overfishing in only one spot and allows diffusion of the fishing impact.

Commercial fishing


Professional licenced fishermen from Saint Bartholomew are still using the same traditionnal methods for ages. They are seamen who are actively conributing towards the Marine Park by declaring their catch.

Beware of Cigatera !


Ciguatera is a particular form of food poisoning from fish meat. It causes gastrointestinal and severe and painful nervous and painful.
Enquire before going fishing, seek advice from local professional fishermen, or the Natural Reserve. If you are unsure, do not eat fish, it can be toxic!
Among the 400 species potentially infected, large predatory fish such as barracuda, moray eel, grouper or kingfish are the most likely to cause poisoning.