We invite boaters to discover the Marine Park of Saint Bartholomew. Boat moorings are maintained. Nevertheless, some rules must be observed.


  • It is prohibited to anchor in the Marine Park (anchorage areas in the bay of Colombier and Fourchue excepted)
  • You should not feed or disturb wildlife.
  • Do not leave waste.


Slow in the harbor channel and in the bays of Colombier and Fourchue. People are snorkeling ! For good reason: there are a lot of sea turtles. They feed on grass lining the bottom and just breathe regularly on the surface. Turtles may be collide with too fast boats! Collisions occur each year ... You just have to slow down.

To be familiar with the protected areas and regulations, see our map. Thank you.


Commercial companies have to pay a fee of two euros per customer per day in the Marine Park. Commercial companies present throughout the year may be declared monthly attendance.
You must take a permit before going to the Marine Park. You must inform your customers that they are in a marine park, they have to know the regulations.

Jet skis are banned throughout the Marine Park, as other watercraft.