Diving and Snorkeling

You can practice snorkeling and scuba diving in the Natural Reserve of St. Bartholomew. Many dive sites exist around the island, the majority is located within the Reserve.


Sites are generally in the area of 20 meters. They are suitable for novice divers (little current, good visibility). The dive sites are shown on this map by white circles.


The « Kayali » is an oustanding dive site. Kayali is the name of a 30 meters deep wreck where many fish, lobsters and conch refuge.

Sandy bottoms around Saint-Bartholomew do not exceed 30 meters. They surround beautiful coral reef. along It is common to see gray reef sharks, eagle rays, turtles, lobsters ...

A good fisheries management allows to maintain this extraordinary population. Ciguatera is also involved. This toxin makes most reef fish unfit for consumption (+ information on Ciguatera ).

To protect the seabed, consider a few rules :

  • The dive sites are marked by white buoys.
  • Only motorized boats under 15 meters can anchor these buoys.
  • The use of a mooring is limited to 2:30.
  • Maximum 13 divers per site.
  • Using a buoyancy compensator is required.
  • Ensure that each diver is adequately stabilized above the bottom.
  • Wearing gloves is prohibited.
  • Feeding animals is forbidden do not to touch the wildlife.
  • Artificial lights should be used with caution.
  • Collect waste encountered during the dive. 
  • Respect the maritime code, use a pavilion alpha during immersion.

The fee is 2 euros per diver per dive. It allows us to maintain and protect places and marine biodiversity. Do not forget it, thank you.

The Information Case on the Port of Gustavia open every morning from Monday to Saturday (8:30 to 12:30) to obtain the regulations, to learn about the dives and pay your fee.