To protect seabed, you just have to follow few rules during diving, snorkelling, fishing and boating.

The information Case is open every morning from monday to saturday (8.30am to midday). It is located in the port of Gustavia. 

You can come here to get the regulations, to learn about the activities and pay royalties (for diving professionals and boat corporations). You can view the online map. You can also download information brochure s and documents on the regulation .



Diving is popular in Saint-Bartholomew, here are some rules to follow :

  • The dive sites are marked by white buoys.
  • Only motorized boats under 15 meters can anchor these buoys.
  • The use of a mooring is limited to 2:30.
  • Maximum 13 divers per site.
  • Using a buoyancy compensator is required.
  • Ensure that each diver is adequately stabilized above the bottom.
  • Wearing gloves is prohibited.
  • Feeding animals is forbidden do not to touch the wildlife.
  • Artificial lights should be used with caution.
  • Collect waste encountered during the dive. 
  • Respect the maritime code, use a pavilion alpha during immersion.

The fee is 2 euros per diver per dive. It allows us to maintain and protect places and marine biodiversity. Do not forget, thank you.


If you wish to fish, as a hobby, some rules must be observed.


First of all, fishing is forbidden, in any form, on areas of enhanced protection (in red on the map).
Fishing Conch is forbidden for recreational fishermen at any time, any place. Traps and nets are prohibited for boaters at any time, any place.

You have the right to angling,  from the edge or from a boat in the protection zones simple (in yellow on the map), with the following restrictions:

  • Any means of anchoring is prohibited (anchor, hook, anchor, mooring buoys, end attached to a rock)
  • You do not have the right to take more than 3 fish per person per trip. Species affected by this limitation are : wahoo, tuna, sea bream, colas, swordfish, marlin and sailfish.
  • You do not have the right to retain on board, or use for fishing : angling with more than twelve hooks, a net, a gaff or a spear fish.

Spearfishing is prohibited in the Marine Park.

Fishing lobsters or other shellfish is prohibited in the Marine Park of Saint-Barthélemy, as the collect of shells and corals, dead or alive.


Boaters who visit the Marine Park should know few rules.

  • It is prohibited to anchor in the Nature Reserve (anchorage areas in the bay of Colombier and Fourchue excepted)
  • You should not feed or disturb wildlife.
  • Do not leave waste.

Slow in the harbor channel and in the bays of Colombier and Fourchue. People are snorkeling ! For good reason: there are a lot of sea turtles. They feed on grass lining the bottom and just breathe regularly on the surface. Turtles may be collide with too fast boats! Collisions occur each year ... You just have to slow down.

Jet skis are banned throughout the Marine Park, as other watercraft.

To be familiar with the protected areas and regulations, see our map. Thank you.

Commercial companies have to pay a fee of two euros per customer per day in the Marine Park. Commercial companies present throughout the year may be declared monthly attendance.
You must take a permit before going to the Marine Park. You must inform your customers that they are in a marine park, they have to know the regulations.