Our missions

All Nature Reserves are defined by three missions: manage, preserve, and educate. Natural Reserve of St. Bartholomew adapted its actions to reach its main goal : preserving the natural environment of the island and maintain the flora and fauna.


Surveillance: Marine Park rangers conduct maritime surveillance and daily ground to assume the role of police of nature: to protect natural sites and species, inform, educate and ultimately verbalize.

Protection and care : moorings are installed and maintained by the Marine Park rangers. Anchoring is limited to protect coral reefs and seagrass beds.


Scientific monitoring : In collaboration with scientists, data are collected and analyzed. "Reserve effect" is undeniable, the size and number of species increased. The Natural Reserve is working closely with the University Antilles Guyane and with consultants.



Nature Reserve publishes information brochures. A monthly newsletter is written, it presents the recent actions. These documents are available on this website.
Nature Reserve has developed discovery programs in college Mireille Choisy in Gustavia. Students can learn more about our ecosystems.

For a broader awareness, a Marine Park reception office was installed on port close to the harbor administration office, brochures, books and regulation are available. 

The local media is actively involved in this outreach mission by publishing various articles.
Days of participatory science are organized. Public are welcome during several scientific monitoring.


Nature Reserve must monitor the administrative and financial, to develop scientific programs and coordinate all tasks. This role is played by the conservative.

There is no environment service in Saint Bartholomew since 2007, that’s why the Territorial Council gives GRENAT association several other missions :
- representative service for the sanctuary AGOA
- representative service for the management of invasive species (iguana, lion fish etc..)
- representative service to follow fauna and flora of the island
- representative service for the fauna and flora rescue, and strandings.

The GRENAT association acts as an advisor on issues of nature for the Community of S.aint Bartholomew. Team has a practical experience, they are technicians, professionals nature.
The GRENAT association fulfills a mission as a public servicelinked to the land domain. Since 1996, the association manag sites located next to the Nature Reserve, such as ponds, for administration (Regional Directorate of the Environment, Community of St. Bartholomew...). Since 2009, it manages Littoral Conservatory’s sites such as Fort Carl.