Franciane profil

Born in 1976 in St Barthélemy, Franciane Gréaux Le Quellec is cradled by the waves of the cove of Flamands. Naturally she decided to study marine biology in Guadeloupe, She leaves the university with a bachelor in her pocket and became custody of the Nature Reserve in 1999 and conservative in 2002. Professional sailor and commercial diver, bilingual English, Franciane makes sure to maintain a dialogue with users, boaters as professionals and ensure the proper management of the Nature Reserve.

Born in 1974, Julien Quellec grew up in Africa at the water's edge. After a stint at university, he decided to become a diving instructor and was awarded 5 patents professional scuba diving. After 10 years of diving and many travels, he becomes the ranger of the Nature Reserve with his wife, and appreciates the versatility of the job. Professional sailor, commercial diver, bilingual English, he brings his technical experience and is responsible among other of communication.

Born in 1984, David Ledee is a native of Lorient area upwind of the island. Rocked by the waves, he is fascinated by the nature that surrounds him. He naturally joined the Nature Reserve to share his knowledge of the environment and to meet the sea on the professional side.

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Born in 1984, Karl Questel is a child of the island where he spent his youth playing in natural spaces. He is passionate very quickly for anything that moves around him, especially insects and reptiles. Self-educated, he has already given a name to two new local species! He is in charge of science at the Natural Reserve of St. Bartholomew.

Cecile Berton comes five years ago from Normandy to St Bartholomew. She studied tourism. At the Nature Reserve, she works as home agent. She is present every morning from Monday to Saturday in the "Information Case" to welcome the public and users. She coordinates outreach missions.