Battle against the common iguana

Nature Reserve of St. Bartholomew fights against the invasion of exotic species that endangered the special environment of the island. Share your observations would be a great help! Call the Natural Reserve at 0690 31 70 73.


Our local Lesser Antilles iguana critically endangered breed with an invasive species brought to the island via pet shops to provide hybrid. This condemns our specie, we must absolutely get back the common invasive iguanas to prevent them from reproducing.

How to recognize them?
The Iguana in the Lesser Antilles has a regular tail, it may be green or dark depending on age and gender.

The common iguana has a characteristic protuberance on the head and has a ringed tail.


We look for common iguanas or hybrid as above.


Report any observations of these iguanas to the Nature Reserve at 0690 31 70 73. We move and capture invasive animals to prevent them from taking over the local species.

Thank you!