Support wildlife

The Nature Reserve of Saint Bartholomew supports wildlife. There is environment service in Saint Bartholomew’s governement since 2007, so Territorial Council appointed the GRENAT association as a delegate service to the rescue wildlife flora and fauna, and strandings.

Guards recover injured wild animals. If it is necessary, they take the animal to the Veterinary Clinic Lorient. Partner of the Nature Reserve, Dr. Maille does not make them pay for wildlife. The Nature Reserve keep under observation the animals and provide care recommended by the veterinarian.
Reserve officers are also authorized to intervene in cases of marine animals on beaches.

                    Attention Iguane Tortue Png

For terrestrial animals, traffic is a terrible danger. It makes many victims among iguanas and turtles. Nearly one injured animal per day was reported to the Reserve in summer 2012. To curb this, just slow down, and stay vigilant. Nature Reserve and the association Sos Carapace have made panels, you will see along the roads. Reserve is also working with the association Alsophis.

Get involved! If you see an injured wild animal in Saint-Bartholomew, call the Nature Reserve at 0690 31 70 73 and tell exactly where you've seen it.