Littoral conservatory

Since 2009, the GRENAT association manages sites of the Conservatoire du Littoral, as Fort Carl, and, shortly, the Saline.

Fort Carl, located on the heights of Gustavia, was acquired by the Conservatoire du Littoral in 2007. It is managed by the Nature Reserve. The Nature Reserve conducted a methodical pruning of the site, restored buildings, installed steps, built a viewing platform and helps revegetate of the summit with local plants. (Learn more about Fort Carl)

Shortly, Nature Reserve will managed the Grande Saline pond, it will become a protected area. The Collectivity of Saint Bartholomew approved the proposal of the Conservatoire du Littoral to protect this wetland.The Conservatoire du Littoral wishes to acquire by agreement. The Nature Reserve of Saint Bartholomew will develop projects in consultation with the Community and neighborhood associations. (Learn more about Saline)

The Conservatoire du littoral is a public institution that aims to permanently protect natural areas along the shoreline. It acquires fragile or threatened lands amicably, by preemption, exceptionally by expropriation, and by donations or leagues. The Conservatoire du littoral works with experts before building sites, in order to understand the nature and to choose compatible activities (agriculture, recreation). It then entrusts the management of these lands to municipalities, governments or local associations. (Conservatoire du littoral website)