Natural Reserve of Saint Bartholomew

Welcome on the Nature Reserve of Saint Bartholomew’s official website.
You will find informations about our actions, missions, and regulation for divers, fishermen and boaters.

Nature Reserve of Saint Bartholomew aims to protect the natural environment of the island and maintains the flora and fauna.

Nature Reserve of Saint-Barthélemy covers 1.200 ha, divided into 5 zones all around the island. The distance between aeras makes monitoring more difficult, but allows to protect diverse environments.
The Nature Reserve’s management is entrusted to the GRENAT association.

What is a Reserve ?

The Nature Reserves are protected areas, supervised by a regulation to preserve fragile natural environments. Management ensures the conservation of species (fauna, flora) and natural heritage.

All Nature Reserves are defined by three missions: to manage natural environments and species, preserve, and educate.

The Nature Reserves are created by the state. Locally, the authority is exercised by the Prefect, advised by a Management Advisory Committee. A manager is designated (association, local authority, public institution ...). The manager organizes all checks. His team sets up police actions of nature. A management plan is established for 5 years. This document defines guidelines and evaluates the work of previous years

Why a Natural Reserve in Saint Bartholomew ?

Natural Reserve of St. Bartholomew protect the characteristic environments, representative of the nature of the island and its history. The protected areas has a particular interest, because it has plants and animals.
Natural Reserve protects exceptional underwater environments, such as seagrass beds and coral reefs, habitats of many species, including endangered species, such as sea turtles.