The Nature Reserve of Saint Bartholomew is part of several networks, locally and internationally. Join a network can share data, share experiences, and harmonize actions.

Local network

GCFI. Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute independant institute was founded in 1947 to promote the exchange of current information on the use and management of marine resources in the Gulf and Caribbean region.

WIDECAST. Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network coordinates numbers of stakeholders, scientists, curators and facilitators from 40 countries and territories. This network enables the Natural Reserve to maintain direct contacts with the neighboring islands like Saba and St. Kitts. Learn more about the monitoring of sea turtles.

Sanctuary for marine mammals Agoa extends across 138,000 km2. Regional and international cooperation is needed to establish a protection of zones where these lives. Marine mammals move throughout the Caribbean. The Nature Reserve of Saint-Bartholomew is a representative service of the PTOM for the Agoa sanctuary. Learn more about the monitoring of marine mammals.

Campam is a group wich management of Caribbean marine protected areas network.

Nature Reserve of the North of the Caribbean. A partnership is established between the Natural Reserves of the northern islands of the West Indies, to harmonize monitorings. This network aims to train staff to the simplified monitoring protocols. 

National network

Nature Reserve of France. The Network of Nature Reserves of France includes all french Nature Reserves, national and regional, metropolitan and overseas.

IFRECOR. Saint Batholomew’s coral reefs are enrolled in a national monitoring network French Initiative for Coral Reefs.

Temeum. Terres et Mers UltraMarines (UltraMarines Land and Sea) allows an exchange between professionals of the nature. It is defined as a program of information, exchanges, training and cooperation overseas.

Rivages de France. The Rivages de France (Shore of France) association meets national managers of natural coastal and lake. The Natural Reserve of Saint Bartholomew is working closely with the Coastal Conservancy, the Reserve has sites in management.

Forum of managers of Protected Marine Areas (PMA). The Forum of PMA is an informal network of technical exchanges between MPA managers in metropolitan France and overseas.

Through various collaborations with scientists, the Natural Reserve of Saint-Bartholomew is in contact with several scientific institutes and laboratories. She works with a scientist attached to the National Museum of Natural History.

International Network

Car Spaw. Regional activity center for the specially protected areas and species implements the Cartagena Convention or Convention for the protection and enhancement of the marine environment in the Caribbean region.

Birdlife. Birdlife international is a partnership of 117 national conservation organisations and the world leader in bird conservation. BirdLife’s unique local to global approach enables it to deliver high impact and long term conservation for the benefit of nature and people.

IUCN. International Union for Conservation of Nature helps the world find
pragmatic solutions to our most pressing environment and development challenges.

GCRMN. The Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network works to improve management and conservation of coral reefs by providing manuals, equipment, databases, training, problem solving, and helps with finding funds for reef monitoring. All coordinated in a global network, the Nature Reserve of Saint Bartholomew included.