Battle against the lion fish

Saint-Bartholomew's Nature Reserve fights against exotic species that endangered the special environement of the island. Share your observations would be a great help! Call the Natural Reserve : 0690 31 70 73.

The lionfish is an invasive species of particular concern. This fish from the Indian Ocean escaped from an aquarium and reproduce massively trough the Caribbean. It feeds primarily on other fish, including reef herbivores, which unbalance the ecosystem.


This fish is poisonous, its bite is dangerous. Fishermen should be very careful and do not handle this fish. If you see one, beware and warn the Réserve Naturelle which is empowered and equipped to capture this dangerous fish. We seek the lionfish in order to systematically collect it and prevent reproduction.

If you meet this fish in Saint-Bartholomew's, call the Nature Reserve at 0690 317073 and tell exactly where you've seen it.

Thank you!