Public awareness

One of the roles of the Nature Reserve of Saint-Barthélemy is public awareness : in addition to meeting time, such as conferences, Reserve publishes information brochures.


The Nature Reserve of Saint Bartholomew went on several occasions in schools. A major project is established with the particular college Mireille Choisy Gustavia : the Itinéraire de Découverte, "Route Discovery" (or IDD).


Several interventions are planned each year to make schoolboys discover the environments around them (mangrove, coral reef ...). The Nature Reserve takes them outside, in the nature, in contact with professionals. This activity is included in their curriculum, and is evaluated. In 2012, students who had the highest scores, went to Saba island.

Another school outreach program emerged last year. CM1 students are aware of local environmental issues through four sessions taking place outside.

Participative science

Participative science day takes regularly place when scientifics come to the Nature Reserve. It allows everyone to join the track and discover the challenges of the protection of species and environment as well as field work of a scientist and Reserve team.

This is a sharing time, it is very important to establish it. Protection of an environment can not be done without understanding and participation of everyone.