Tracking turtles

The Nature Reserve of Saint-Bartholomew establishes a marine turtle monitoring to better understand sea turtles and to track the status of the population.


The eggs are a strong indicator of their presence. From June to December, the Reserve guards go every morning to beaches to identify potential trace or nest.
All around the year, the Reserve collects informations about turtles on their feeding site, during underwater observations. Collecting data have been possible by combining the local population, cleaners beaches and diving clubs. Proportionally, more turtles have been observed in Saint Bartholomew than in the whole Guadeloupean archipelago.

Reserve educates tourist facilities based on the coast to encourage them to limit night lighting that disturb the turtles. It approaches also boaters so they slow boat where there is seagrass (where the turtles feed). The Nature Reserve is entitled to conduct police actions on crime and sea turtles poaching on the whole island. Finally, it performs first aid to an injured sea turtle.


Sea turtles are endangered and protected species. Since 1991, every sea turtles species, and their eggs, are fully protected by law in the Guadeloupe archipelago by a prefectural order. In 2005 a ministerial decree adds the protection of theirs habitats. French Caribbean turtles are subject to a National Restoration Plan, it defines directives to protect turtles and their habitats (beaches where they lay and seagrass where they feed). The Nature Reserve of Saint-Bartholomew applies this plan. The Nature Reserve of Saint Bartholomew is the local coordinator of the Network of Marine Turtle in Guadeloupe hosted by the association Kap'Natirel.

Internationally, the Nature Reserve of St. Bartholomew has joined the network WIDECAST (Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network), which coordinates number of stakeholders, scientists, curators and presenters from 40 countries and territories.


Get involved! Call the Nature Reserve at 0690 31 70 73 and send your photos to Learn more about it.